Turn More Clicks Into Revenue

Turn More Clicks
Into Revenue

An artificially intelligent tool for finding & converting your most ideal prospects

How Can It Help Your Business?

ClickRevenue™ is a sales and revenue generation system built by practitioners for practitioners, customizable to any business in the legal, dental, and healthcare industry.

Provides a reliable source of untapped new recurring revenue to your firm or practice

Reduces the pressure on you and your staff, allowing you to focus on serving your clients and patients

Produces higher conversion rates as a result of better qualified, vetted consultations

Creates a better customer experience. Customers engage with you on their terms when they are ready to speak.

Engage With Prospects 24/7

ClickRevenue™ enables your business to engage with prospective clients and customers 24/7 while also extracting vital information about their readiness to do business with your company.

Convert High Intent Prospects

Today's consumers are savvy, and they have more options than ever before.  Today, more businesses are advertising to the same customers than ever before. And more and more competitors enter the market every day.

As a result, marketing becomes less and less effective while the costs to advertise rises. For you to continue to thrive, your business needs a new approach.

ClickRevenue™ gives you the ability to filter and engage your most qualified prospects and deliver a hyper-personalized sales/buying experience, all without any additional manpower.

Everything At Your Fingertips

Great marketing can require too many tools that don't easily sync or communicate with each other. ClickRevenue™ solves this challenge.

ClickRevenue™ combines the best of your marketing and communication tools and gives you one central place to text, call, email, and track prospect communication.


Work With Us

We are currently in invite-only beta. By joining the waiting list, we will work with you to identify the most pressing pain points in your revenue generation process. Then we'll custom-build a configuration of our system for you to test drive. Together, we can shape the new standard.